Poulet Rouge Fermier

Joyce Farms Poulet Rouge FermierWhen we decided to produce the world’s absolute best chicken, we searched the world to determine what it was. The answer? Poulet Rouge Fermier, a world-renowned French farm chicken that is at the soul of the finest French cuisine. We then brought this heritage breed home to the U.S. and are now the exclusive North American producer of what many consider to be the best tasting chicken in the world.

All that superiority of flavor is no accident. Our Poulet Rouge is the Redbro Cou Nu, or red feathered naked neck. This highly valued breed was recommended by the French genetics company as the best breed from a culinary standpoint in the Label Rouge system. Not only does the Poulet Rouge have a superior taste, it has better meat texture and its thin skin finishes very crispy compared to most chickens.

We raise our Poulet Rouge chickens on small Carolina farms, according to long-standing, old world Label Rouge tradition. It is a hearty breed, known for its natural good health. And we allow them to grow slowly and mature naturally, as they roam free or take comfort out of the weather in cooled or heated areas.

Why Air chilled?

We air chill all our heritage birds to nurture the very finest flavor profile. That means they are never submerged in chlorinated water for chilling, as are most organic birds. This artisanal handling promises that they retain the most natural taste in the meat and also have a crisper skin for roasting.

Not only is it good for taste but also for the environment. According to a Clemson University study, air chilling saves up to one gallon of water per bird. The USDA estimated that could add up to 4.5 billion gallons of water in the US every year. Air chilling takes more time and expense, but we believe it’s worth it for our unique portfolio of heritage poultry.

Joyce Farms feeds our Poulet Rouge a purely vegetable diet, according to the strictest natural guidelines. Our feed contains no hormones, no pesticides, no preservatives and no artificial ingredients EVER. Free to eat whenever they like, they grow up happy and stay healthy according to their own internal time clocks.

Free Range Poulet Rouge FermierWe limit our flocks to 8,000 per house (less than half of the common 20,000-30,000 in commercial flocks), which creates a low-stress environment with generous space and maximum comfort. And we watch over them in the cleanest, most natural surroundings that meet the highest standards in the industry for their health and well-being.

We handpick only the best birds for market, and all our Poulet Rouge are hand selected to standards higher than USDA grade A, so you can always count on top quality. Every stage of production is monitored from farm to fork.

The meat of the Poulet Rouge has a natural and appealing color so it comes to your table not only with exquisite taste, but with a unique and beautiful presentation befitting generations of fine cuisine. The bird has an elongated breast, thin skin and long legs. These attributes are much different than the fast growing, industrial chickens.

Poussin Rouge Fermier

Our Poussins are our very young Poulet Rouge chickens. They are harvested at five weeks of age for an exceptionally tender and delicious Poulet. The dinner for two for people in the know.

Label Rouge Requirements

Joyce Farms Label Rouge PoultryThe best lineage Only certain genetics are allowed; older, slow-growing breeds tend to be heartier and more disease resistant than commercial breeds. This makes them better suited for outdoor production.

Small houses mean small farms Smaller chicken houses than those used in industrial production are required, and the number of houses per farm is limited to four. This assures the birds are grown by small farmers who give the birds more care and attention.

Smaller flock in every house There is a maximum density requirement that ensures these birds are allowed more room in the houses than industrial birds.

Access to the outside After 6 weeks of age, all birds are given access to the outdoors from 9 a.m. until dusk.

Slow growing Birds are grown much longer than commercial birds, a minimum of 81 days, some farmers go as long as 100 or more days.

Minimum dressed weight All birds must be at least 2.2 lbs without giblets.

The cleanest conditions There is a minimum sanitation period of 21 days between flocks to rid the houses of any parasites or disease.

Nearby farms To ensure that the birds are not dehydrated and are handled humanely, they must travel no more than 2 hours or 64 miles to the processing plant.

Artisanal handling Air chilled so never dipped in chlorine and processed by hand.

Shelf life Sold fresh within 9 days after slaughter.

  • Nothing Added EVER
  • No Hormones, No Antibiotics, No Animal By-Products EVER
  • Small Family Farms
  • Free Range
  • Air Chilled