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Free Range & Grass Fed Joyce Farms

So, what do our farms have to do with a healthier and tastier cuisine? Just about everything. Our heritage lies in the small, traditional family farm. We’ve seen how our small farmers, with their deep caring and passion for the animals, are the best at raising them. It’s in their blood, as their families have been farming for generations. And they use the same age-old artisan methods that their grandparents did – often without machines or automation.

Our Raising Standards

Raising Free Range & Grass Fed Products

Everything we do, we do for the animals. Healthy, happy animals will produce better and healthier meat. It’s the standard we live by, every day on every farm.

Above Organic

There’s organic and then there’s the Joyce Farm’s way – the above organic way. What makes our family-owned company stand above the rest? For starters, we are the only company that offers air-chilled poultry using only ozonated water, not chlorine or antimicrobial dip. We are also the exclusive North American producer of the Poulet Rouge Fermier, a breed that many consider to be the best tasking chicken in the world. And to round it out, we raise grass-fed beef that out “beefs” any other beef. To learn more about what makes us above organic, click below.